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Telegram is an instant message with a focus on speed and safety and a good alternative to WhatsApp. Group chat supports telegram with up to 200 contacts, attach great importance to safety and provide generous multimedia support.

High degree of integrity and SecurityOne Telegram main focus is security and integrity compared to WHATSAPP. For example, the telegram has a so-called “secret chat” – connection encrypted chats self-destruct message similar to SnapChat and to prevent others from intercepting them. There is also a self-destruct option that will take your overall account Delete unless you sign in for the set length (function () (“study-application-site-Desktop”);}); I is the security that began to attract users to the telegram in the first place, and WHATSAPP is now owned by Facebook, this will work to improve. The developer also claimed that they will not sell or share user data with third parties, there are no ads in applications and yet it is completely free to use.

Send a file up to also have multimedia support levels with up to 100 people and enable sharing for all file types so that even though you may find upload and download quite slowly. You can send the image otherwise only one Group at a time and you can save the picture pretty much as much as you want because telegram that allows unlimited online WhatsApp, Telegram also supports short voice messages holidays already unlike programs like Skype, you actually cannot make voice call.

Alternative secure excellent WhatsApp

As a free alternative to WHATSAPP, which offers security, telegram, that is a very interesting proposal.

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