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Oh, boyfriend, where for the last 1 week I touched with this movie for you that there are different sources, Latin, Russian and some concrete people, but can not really see because the movie is so terrible

then finally Jared Leto, aka Joker sends me 1080p good, that’s goodis a good video, then better rest and definitely

work on it, spin, plant, resize, some magical magician mathematician blue white, bright, contrast for 2 minutes lost original video, then I cut that part of the Latin print and added to meand added a credit card. Now is complete and then synchronize our digital audio

It is encrypted and has English subtitles English subtitles for foreign versions like

because the film is 99% shot in the dark, this is the best camera that will do


P / S 2: Not strange

For this onemovie

what drive this movie star I watch this in theaters and I’m like WTF you drove me with David Ayer must be ** made king DC banned Douchebag is ** these things big market but the techniques are some untukdapatkan and yes watch all the trailer of my movie, watch what you say

JaredLet’s sucks because instead it’s rather transsexual in this movie, but it’s hexy

Enjoy the future of Tata!

Information transfer

Videos: AVC 2300kbps 720×320 25 frames per second

Audio: MP3 DIGITAL Audio @ 192 kbps


Subtitles: English + English for foreign countries

post-credit:if it includes FFS

Example: yap

Source: V: Joker A: Harley Queen both

Encoder: CPG

Swarm of Suicide (2016)


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