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The choice of seven friends met for dinner and decided to play this game, where all incoming messages and conversations appear throughout the group to, leading to a series of revelations that will gradually loosening up their “normal” life.

Director: Lex de la Iglesia author: Lex de la Iglesia (scenario), Jorge Guerricaechevarra (scenario)

In the evening of the same, when it happens in a month blood red, some old friends reunite friends dinner: a group composed of a plastic surgeon Alfonso and his wife, Eva, a psychologist who host a dinner; and Antonio and his wife Ana; Taxi driver Eduardo and his wife young and booking, vets Blanca; And finally, Pepe, a former gym teacher, actually unemployed, surprisingly appeared without Luca, a woman recently. Blanca motivated, which has some suspects in a group of entrepreneurs among them, he proposes a game where all the food stays on your mobile phone on the table, assuming to tell all the content of all text messages and voice. Started as an innocent game, progressive revelation, the secret when they seem to be a series of events that cause each time more dramatic: Alfonso suspects that night has an agreement, Ana deems wrong that Antonio gay, Blanca understand next to horrible Marriage Eduardo Pepe and he tried to hide the …

When a group of friends best overall get a Lunar Eclipse at the time of sharing dinner with fresh houses Eva and Antonio, they suspect they are just ordinary night until the Lord offers the game. All guests must put their cell phone schedule and read all incoming messages and answer all incoming phone calls before the group. What started the game quickly became provocative party wild ride.

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