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Whether your presentations are a regular or occasional part of your life, take a look at Microsoft PowerPoint, which is really an excellent presentation tool.

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Microsoft PowerPoint includes all the editing tools available for the Office product and an impressive selection of options, including transitions and animations related to your presentation. You can also add and edit different types of non-text elements, such as images, video, sound, hypertext, and graphs. Microsoft PowerPoint also supports drag and drop as far as possible, making it very easy to add data and interesting elements to your presentation.

From the preprocessing point of view, Microsoft PowerPoint glitch as well. On the File tab, you can find an overview of the document that contains all the editing elements, such as security, compression, and shared design options. The program has features that allow you to practice presentations with the smallest details, but also save the watch as a video. SharePoint is supported and you use the WEB version of the presentation through Windows live.

Interface changes

The biggest is not always the best, but in this case, kudos is coming to Microsoft to develop a tool that is both very comprehensive and very user friendly. Microsoft PowerPoint features the ubiquitous 2010 Ribbon interface, which makes it very easy to navigate and use. The interface is fully customizable, and when you click on different elements of the presentation, the correct set of editing tools are displayed.

More features than a shake Stick

PowerPoint has always excelled at giving users every option and action imaginable. This version improves on earlier versions by making more advanced features easily accessible and easy to understand. There is still a slight learning curve because the interface changes are dramatic, but the payout is worth it.

Still King

All in all, Microsoft PowerPoint is an impressive product. User-friendly enough for everyone, but with the advanced features needed to produce really professional presentations, it’s hard to imagine a situation where Microsoft PowerPoint would not be a good option for users.

Microsoft PowerPoint is an excellent example of excellent software. Your presentation will never be the same!

Microsoft is no longer offering a trial version of PowerPoint 2010. Instead, you download a trial version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

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