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The X-Men were watching their strongest and most powerful adversary when one of them, Jean Gray, began to spin out of control. During the mission of saving the universe, Jean almost died when he was struck by magical cosmic power. As soon as he returns home, this power not only makesits infinitely stronger, but also less stable. X-Men should mate to save their soul and aliens who want to use Gray’s new abilities to lead the Universe.

Incredible Jean Gray begins The evil forces that have spoiled her have become a dark Phoenix. NowX-Men must decide if the life of a team member is more important than all the people living in the world.


Authors Simon Kinberg:

John Byrne (The Dark Phoenix Saga), Chris Claremont (The Dark Phoenix) Saga) | Jean Gray began to build incredible forces that hurt him and became the Dark Phoenix. Now, X-Men shoulddecide whether the life of a team member has never been like the whole human life in the world.

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