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Snow driver is looking for revenge against a drug dealer who thinks she killed her children. Based on the Norwegian film “lost” by 2014.

Directed by author Hans Peter Moland: Frank Baldwin (screenplay by), Star Kim Fûpz ASN (based on the film “Kraftidioten” written by): Lora Dern Liam Neeson, Noor Nasum,

Quiet family worked hard and drivers floats snow in the area was the heart of the resort’s mountain gets Rocky, because he is the person who always clean the winter streets. He and his wife live in a comfortable cabin for tourists. The city has been awarded only “citizen of the Year”. But the mountain quiet he left his children when he was killed by Narkolord the Almighty. As someone who has nothing to lose, he very love with revenge. It is not possible to use the skills of hunting and changes from ordinary people become skilled killers, because he allegedly eliminate the cartel. DUI Keperihatan action “war between gangsters, unpredictably, known as sedentary and rival gang boss. Justice, confirmed in the final confrontation, will leave (almost) no one is affected.

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