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AMCap capture video sources stored on the webcam and save it on your hard drive you amcap straight allows you to easily save video to your hard drive either in an MPEG2 or AVI format if you have the necessary codec. It offers several options such as the ability to take screenshots that other interesting add special effects to images (overlay graphics, alpha-blending, transparency, and others). (Function () {(Study-Application-site-Desktop ‘);}); This means we found AMCap a little misleading. We can wait for something else: the webcam surveillance tool or something similar. But frankly, we’re not useful at AMCap. It will also not allow you to take screenshots automatically according to a certain amount of time. Also video files have a lot of space, much better, you need to be prepared big hard drive! AMCap is a simple tool that allows you to record video from a webcam for any purpose you may have. If you are looking for a webcam tracking applications, you need to search elsewhere.

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