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Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is a free application that allows users to open, read and edit PDF files on their desktop computer or laptop computer, smartphone or tablet. According to the Tour program PDF a lot, so pdf Reader & Editor Xodo from an in-depth file and to edit and make changes. Bookmark as you read, use the table of contents to jump to a document, write and draw directly on PDF and a pen, notes, ideas and information, and also to change the file to the Dad List of PDF AccessThough PDF readers much as he can Read the file, PDF Reader & Xodo Editor, you can edit and write in addition to viewing the file in several ways. Simply go through a long article with a table of contents and overview. If there are any changes or information, it is easy to write directly in the PDF file or even write or draw with a pencil. Use the device at home or on the go, and make a change to an article on a (() {(“Review-app-page-desktop”);}); Simple PDF Reader & Editor NavigationXodo does not have information to know that the increase in the middle of the screen to display your PDFs. When you’re done, save it as it is or to switch to a new plan if you want to download, and easy to take a picture with your camera and check the app.

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