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WWE 2K15 has finally arrived on PC consoles since last October. The computer version combines all the downloadable contents of the game in a single package and makes it very valuable. But has the delay between publications influenced the attractiveness of this port?

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WWE fans will probably already know the story of this game. The hope was that the franchise with 2K Sportnowon board and would receive a long-awaited revision. Completely new animation, voices and character models were the focus of this renovation wish list.

This is not what WWE fans have received. Instead, 2K Sports bought in Visual Concepts (developer of the NBA title) to give the game a good polish and a good face, but left the flaws behind. The result is a game that looks good until the start of the game. Do not assume that WWE 2K15 is the samewrong is like WWE 2K14. The problem is that the fans had expected more.

In other words, this new installment adds some new gameplay phrases that can indicate the direction of future refinements. This includes a gripper mechanism (usually seen only at the beginning of a fight) where you participate in a scissors-paper-scissors-style minigame. It follows a finer interaction with the right stick to make the sweetspot faster than to find the opponent, andto create a pleasant tension close up. It looks good if you happen to be a spectator, but as a player you are so busy making money that you miss a lot of it, fluid back and forth makes it.

From there it continues as usual. The same precise gripping, striking and counter mechanics are all in the game and still demand the patient timing that franchise fans know and love. This usually works well against individual enemies, generatedMomentum and controls the pace of the game.

Turn heel

However, it does not take long for the problems to be detected. If you are out of place in a round, your Super Star will be burned if you fight more than one opponent ties you too often to the wrong rival. Sometimes this is just an inconvenience, but if you choose a pin and turn instead to another competitor, it becomes a game that loses its trouble.

My real complaintsabout WWE 2K15 come from what is missing in this version about 2K14 or the previous console version.

2K14 delivered a single-player campaign that has led you through 29 years of Wrestlemaina in preparation for Wrestlemania 30. This year, this was replaced by two rivalry stories: Degeneration Xs collapse and Cena and CM Punks blow. This works well if you are a fan of those characters, however, it lacks the iconic character of last year, resulting in a weaker solo experienceleads. If you play alone, the well-rounded career mode that guides you through the ranks of the WWE NXT Development League will make up for it.

The other mode that WWE 2K 15 does not have is the storyteller. While I’ve seldom had that, I myself am very patient when you see that other people’s creations are missing (until at least the mod community gets their hands, at least).

My last problem, WWE 2K15, is history. The show has been around since making the consolesignificantly further developed. Therefore, the characters in the game seem strangely out of place compared to their current level. Let’s take Cesaro, who gets a rating of 93 (one of the highest in the game), but is currently languishing with Tyson Kid in the Tag Team division. The only plus is that CM Punk still has an uncomplicated look. The fans are watching. This will probably be the last time they appear in a WWE playlist.

A B + player

The biggest sinThe WWE 2K15 is that he did the first half step wrong. I suspect that the fans would have been happier with last year’s visuals and spend more on animation and modes. So it’s the same game as last year – it just looks better. This means that next year it will be 2K Gamescommit to continue on its path. Some new performance capture features could be the visually stunning character models featured in thisGame are already included, greatly improving.

And maybe we could release the PC version sooner next year. We are sorry?

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