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Wondershare Doctor Fone is a program that will help you recover all lost IOS data. The tool works with IPhone, IPad and all kinds of Källdataden Wondershare doctor Fone App allows you to recover deleted messages, contacts, photos, videos, reminder notes, Safari bookmarklet, contacts, Photo Stream, WhatsApp history, voicemail, and T . D. from your IOS devices. It doesn’t matter if the data files were accidentally deleted or the software update played havoc on your system, Dr. Fone covers them all. In addition to recovering data from all iOS devices, the program can also recover data from all the devices iOS ITunes Backup. Desktop applications are designed to run on different versions of MAC and Windows. The software supports all versions of IOS. If the new version of IOS has been released, and this recovery program has not been updated, expect to see the update passes (feature () {(“Browse-App-Page-Desktop”);}); Connecting Softwareto perform recovery from the device IOS, Wondershare Doctor Fone must be running on your computer, and the device IOS must be connected via USB. The device must be in the firmware update mode (DFU) to ensure that the OS does not load during the process. You can enter DFU mode on your device to press several buttons at a time. The software will also help you in this respect. In fact, the software puts the countdown clock on the computer screen, specifying the total time button should keep pressed.

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