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His wife asked questions about life choices when he traveled with her husband to Stockholm, where he had to receive the Nobel Prize in literature.


Bjrn Runge Writers:

Jane Anderson (manuscript), Meg Volitzer (based on the novel “Wife”) Stars:

Christian Slater, Glenn Close, Elizabeth McGovern There is always a big woman behind every big man, and you will soon meet her. It’s important to meet this woman – many of us finish it, and they don’t evenrealize it. Joan Castleman (Glenn Close): very intelligent and amazing, beautiful – faithful beauty Forty years has been dedicated to offering their talents, dreams and ambitions to ignite the fire of her charismatic husband, Joe (Jonathan Price) and his flawless literary career . Ignoring his infidelity and justifying “art” with grace and humor. They were fatal. The contract entered marriage with an unequal compromise, Joan had reached a critical point. Onthe night of the Nobel Prize in literature, Joe, the crown jewel in spectacular art, Joanna’s courage, is a struggle with the greatest sacrifice of life and the secrets of her career. A wife is a moving, funny and emotional journey; Celebration of femininity, self-knowledge and liberation.

After nearly forty years of marriage, Joan and Joe Castleman (Glenn Close and Jonathan Price) complement each other. Where Joe is free, Joan is elegant. where Joe in vain Joan and And where Joe loveslisteners As a great American writer, Joan places her intelligence, elegance, charm and considerable diplomacy into the personal role of a great man’s wife. Joe will receive the Nobel Prize for his recognized and successful work. Jos, BintangBintang was burning since he first met Joan in the late 1950s. WIFE establishes a story of passion and ambition of young couples with wedding portraits, thirty years later, life together compromise, secret, betrayal and mutuallove.

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