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The retired court and a detained weapon tried to keep the intelligent man who acted as priest in a colonial town. The 16-year-old course that will take place will soon be ready to re-connect with the young United States sisters.

Genre: arsenal, science fiction, action, adventure

Director: Shane Black

Stars: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn

Argument: Going home to the streets of the outer extremities of the space. Now, huntsThe most powerful universities are stronger, more rigorous and happy than ever, updated by the DNA of other species. The young man accidentally shoots them to return to the Earth, a veteran manned veteran and a teacher of unfortunate science to stop the human race.


Container = AVI (avi)

Hide = 01:40

File name = 1 GiB

– Video

Codec information = MPEG-4 Advanced VisualXVID

Decision = 720×304

Show AR = | : 1

Bitrate =1 566 kb / s

Framerate = Color space = YUV

Chroma sample subgroup = 4: 2: 0

Encoder = XviD0067

– Audio

Code code information = MPEG Sound Layer 3 | 55

Channel = 2

Bitrate = CBR 128 kb / s

Samplerate = kHz

Language = English


On the edge of the city’s streets, the hunter begins the renovation of the Shane Blacks of the Predator series upgrade. Now, the huntsmen are the most deadly, more compatible, and happier, with more DNA DNAupdated Unexpectedly, young people are forced to move them to Earth, a veteran haircut from veterans and an unfortunate science professor to stop human race.

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