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Samsung Kies Samsung is the official tool for Android devices that allows you to manage your music and video. If you have a PC and Samsung mobile device, it is necessary application.

What (function () {( “desktop app-review-page”);}); Samsung Kies also allows you to receiveand install a firmware update for the Samsung and regularly updated to be compatible with the latest Samsung phones. In addition, Samsung Kies also works for peradachykalendarzemwydarzenia and management and contacts between a mobile device and a computer Mac.Jeśli Microsoft Office User, Samsung Kies alsoIt allows you to synchronize content from Microsoft Outlook on your computer to your mobile device Samsung. It is also very useful as a backup solution, because you can make a backup copy of the data located on a mobile device, including favorites, settings (eg,general settings, WiFi lists), alarms, contacts, music, videos or photos. color asobyzvyarnitse note that it does not create backup copies of protected Media DRM.

While crust full of opportunities, Samsung Kies can be strange. Sometimes it can not detect devices connected to the Samsung, can beit is difficult to synchronize, and can be very time consuming. Samsung Kies feels like unfinished. This makes content management, your phone just as easily as Apple, ITunes.

Conclusion Samsung Kies is an indispensable tool for any PC user devices SamsungAndroid, but this is absolutely wrong.

rememberSamsung keys do not support an earlier version of the Android operating system

After connecting your mobile device to Kies via a USB cable, automatically communicates any firmware update the device, a mobile device to connect to Kies via a USB cable, you will automatically receivefirmware update notification on your device that are available.

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