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Rust is a title that combines many of the most popular gamovete genre: first person action, survival and construction-all played on “servers” to 300 people in the world look beautiful game. A pleasure for the player, looking for something different.

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When you start a new game of rust, you will be placed on a point of random games Wide Island environment. Equipped only with stone, writer and two tires, you must think very quickly if you need to survive wild animals, players online and other dangers that surround you. Luckily, Rock You offer protection as you start producing raw materials (wood, stone, etc.).
It is a concept known To all those who know Minecraft. Once you have enough to collect the ingredients, you can produce new things and change your environment, such as building a home where you can store your equipment and reboot when you die. But unlike Mira Minecraft, Rust also has the elements of a Dayz tyrant, as human players in your server will happily hunt you to steal your resources. Other players can be friends and join you in their adventures, but they tend to attack you, rob your home (using explosives to blow up the door), and leave you dead.

Bold Games
Do not let the whole construction and adaptation fool you; This is the end of her Minecraft equation. You need to find a place to stay, stay warm, eat and life is important. You also need to find ways to protect yourself by creating armor and weapons to ward off attacks. This is a great advantage for rust, because of its focus on multiple conflicts and survival offers a long-term appeal for those who are quickly bored of Minecraft.
Visual Visualizationskarat is interesting once you start, even if you need a powerful computer to really appreciate them. But despite the technical quality, a quick environment over and over again. There is no difference in the ecology of the island while it is being presiduing, and the heavy grass and stone are destined to dull.

Create a new country
Rust is still in development, but has created a new standard in the genre. With a combination of survival, solid construction and action, Rust has clearly demonstrated the goal set to build a “Minecraft”.
Note that in the current version the number of pages you can build is still quite limited, although it could be expected to grow rapidly as in the development of rust.

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