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RIOT is an acronym for the Radical Optimization Image Tool, and does just that: to optimize the image to reduce the file size without losing the image images in an online gallery or blog, it is very important to ensure correct charge rate But it is also important to maintain high quality. With RIOT you can solve these two problems in another (function () {(“app review page desktop”);}); RIOT works with a wide range of graphic formats, including PhotoshopPSD, orazzapisujeaptymizavanyya images in JPG, GIF, PNG. You can choose the quality level (for JPG) and the color reduction (for GIF, PNG), and check the results in real time, compared to the original photo, thanks to the dual-panel results in RIOT is just amazing, especially in JPG files. You can reduce each photo to one-fifth of its original size without significant loss. Just do not forget to save the changes before doing thatClose program because RIOT does not lyubogapaperazhalnae message or stores obrazuautomatycznie after the release of RIOT reflect significantly reduce the image size, while keeping its original quality, so you are willing to paste via e-mail or booking error paste from the clipboard should be sent. Glued pictures were moved through multiple pixels.

An error in the dll version of the toolbar contains turning, resizing, compressing, resizing, etc.

panelIt should be activated after successful zagruzkimalyunak from the host with an error from the clipboard paste. Glued pictures were moved through multiple pixels.

Bug in the library DLLwersja plate rotate, zoom in, zoom out, compress size, etc.

The disk should be included after successfully loading image from the host supporting the following formats: JPG, BMP, GIF, JP2, PNG, TGA, TIFF, PSD, PCD, PXC, PPM, PBM, RAS, ICO, MNG, WBMP, XBM , XPM HDR, SGI

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