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Bullying is a tool for the Radical Image Business, and that’s true and done: optimizing your image so that the file size is speeded without photo image upload to your online gallery or blog, it is important to have the correct loading speed to ensure, but it is also important to put quality as high as possible. With the riot you can ({(‘review of the work area page’);} work ()) all of these problems are solved: Explore functional violence and Graphic format,including PSD Photoshop, and optimized stores in picturesin JPG, GIF and PNG. You can look for quality (for JPG) and reduce color (for GIF and PNG) to select and view results in real time compared with original images, due to two windows of the riot program is simply interesting, especially in the JPG. You can minimize any fifth image of its original size without any significant loss of quality. , Remember YourSaving changes before installing the software because RIOT will not showwarning message or storing a photo automatically when you leave RIOT, you can significantlyreduce the image size when saving original content so that they are ready to be emailed or mistaken when you make a clipboard. Inserted images have been moved by a few pixels.

Standing bug in DLL version and circle rotation bar, resize, compress, etc.

The toolbar bar should allow the error to insert it to the clipboard after uploading the image efficiently from the host.Inserted images have been moved by a few pixels.

Changed bug in DLL version using toolbar to convert, resize, compress to size, and so on.

Thetoolbar bar should be activated after the image uploads successfully from the host that supports the following formats: JPG, BMP, GIF, JP2, PNG, TGA, TIFF, PSD, PCD, PXC, PPM, PBM, RAS, ICO, MNG, WBMP, XBM, XPM, HDR, SGI

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