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PIXresizer is the best file editing software, PIXresizer is a perfect programmer if you want to make simple changes to your images before posting, viewing or uploading them directly. For example, you can use the application to change the size of the image (make earlier settings or custom), change the file format(BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF) and PSP (PSP) are not flashy, despite these features – and many other options you can do, such as recording EXIF ​​data – there is not much you can use that says, it’s free and it works great, so if you want to change the size of your image. ,It is a very useful tool that lets you work with private files or folders of vases. Both options are under different boxes and you can see the preview if you use multiple files,just do what it says on a printer, Pixresizer is a great tool.

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