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Paint 3d is a paint application from Microsoft Corporation, but now a new avatar. Now it has a feel and updated look, as well as some new tools and brushes inside its interfacethe new interface is a significant output from the previous paint UI. Unlike the previous application, Paint 3d is compatible with Touch. That said, it’s still the ability to work with 2d images. Although the touch screen complements the application better, you still use the application effectively on a non-touch screen. You can rotate, change, and tilt the image with several controls. You can also download stickers. When a sticker is added to the 3d image, the object is evenly wrapped. There are plenty of other personalization tools available also such as pen, pencil, counter and (function () {(‘ Mark-application-page-desktop ‘);}); For Masseswith 3d painting, Microsoft wants 3d modeling, which is all. And to do this, take advantage of the popularity and accessibility of Microsoft coloring. As a result, the paint application gets an updated look. The 3d design sounds complicated and the crowd remained traditionally absent in fear of these complexities. Microsoft, Paint 3d, wants people to understand that 3d modeling is not so scary after all. If you want to create 3d images, you can start from scratch by incorporating basic items such as boxes and spheres. You can also use Starter kits, community projects, pictures, etc. to make a project roll.

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