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Animation is undoubtedly a thriving industry now. From Disney to DreamWorks to recent newcomers such as enlightenment, there is no shortage of animation and cartoon enthusiasts all over the globe. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to get into the action and give 3d animation a try. However, with all the 3d animation software available out there, what would be best to choose for beginners? In This opinion of reviewers, Muvizu by Meshmellow is a great piece of animation software for people just getting started. 3d modeling VS 3d animation Softwarea very important distinction to be done is between 3d modeling and 3d animation software. Muvizu is clearly the last. 3d modeling software is where 3d models are created. Software such as ZBrush and blender come with drawing tools or sculpture for artists to create their 3d models. Some of them have built-in animation features, but most of them don’t. Muvizu is the opposite of that. It is strictly an animation software. It does not have 3d modeling features. Therefore, users will not be able to create 3d models in Muvizu.

(function () {(‘ Review-app-page-Desktop ‘);}); So how does Muvizu work? Muvizu is good for setting scenes and creating animation clips. Using Muvizu, you will be able to stage it by using all the different prefab assets that Muvizu offers. You also use your own templates to create the scene. The scene can be as simple as a park, as complex as a forest! Once you have set the scene, you also add 3d human models. Muvizu offers hundreds of assets to use, but keep in mind that they may not be available in the version you are using. They also offer dozens of ways to customize your scenes, such as lighting, nebulae, camera angles, and much more. You add rain, snow, fire, or even lightning to your scene to make them more dynamic.

One of the best things about this software is the fact that everything feels like a game when using it. For example, if you are completely confused by all the animators processes passing when they animate a clip, you will laugh how simple it is in Muvizu. All you need to do is customize the parts of the scene you want to animate and mark them in the simple timeline bar to get them moving. The interface is also cartoonish and simple, which is great for people who just started.

Is the cartoony good? I have mentioned above that the cartoony style software is good for people just getting started. However, for people who want more advanced features, this cartoony style can be somewhat limiting. Obviously, this program will not be able to handle large amounts of fluid animation and Details, so people who expect the quality animation of Disney will be disappointed. However, it is highly recommended for Animationmuvizu is a 3d beginner animation software, there is no doubt about it. Despite being limited in his duties, he does his job well. It may not be recommended for advanced 3d animation users, but for anyone who just started, it wouldn’t hurt to make it a shot.

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