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Microsoft Photo Story – Photo Slideshow for Windows XP. If you are looking for a similar program for Windows Vista or 7, check Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Photo Story, which allows you to move images in a window, arrange them as needed, and then provide personalized history,transitions, scanning, pans, sound soundtracks, and / or custom auto-generated music, and then exporting the result as WMV (review-application-page-desktop;) is difficult for some Microsoft Photo Story programs. The fact is that you do not need to configure a set of settings becausethe program does it for you by automatically generating transitions and stacks / trays without having to install them yourself. In addition, those generated by default just let you relax and let Microsoft Photo Story do everything, there is still plenty to play,if you feel adventurous. For example, you can create your own slideshow soundtracks. You can choose a music genre, tempo, tools and effects so you can match the exact sound of your mood from Microsoft Photo Story in WMV formatMicrosoft, which is more compressed than MPEG or other movie type files. You can choose between different resolutions to optimize your slideshow. Unfortunately, the output of the software is not as sharp as on VCD or DVD to make sure Microsoft Photo Story does not support recordable DVDs and VCDsin the created slideshow and you will need your own DVD creation program. There are applications like ProShow that contain recording and support options for high resolution resolution, but nothing compares with Photo Story in terms of ease of useand automatic work if you want a quick way to create a great photo presentation, Microsoft Photo Story is better to download.

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