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In the northwest of the Pacific in 1983, the outside world and Mandi Miller led Red Bloom to a friendly and peaceful existence. If your paradise with the pine aroma destroys the wild nature worship, led by the sadistic Jeremiasand Red, take the journey with fantazmagorno full of bloody osvješćbomi that are fatally involved in fire

When the deadly virus has wiped out most of humanity, the survivors must wait in self-sustaining bunkers,while viral threats pervade their way. The ability to communicate through network video interests, to survive by waiting for years and slowly become a widespread species family. However, their fragile social ecosystem is disturbed as one after another begins to mysteriously erase their bunkers.

The life of the vicious couple in the preserved forests was brutally overwhelmed by the nocturnal cult of hippies and demons, making man oneSpiral made survival of revenge.


Pansos Kosmatos Writer:

In 1983, Red was a woodcutter living in a remote cabin in the woods. His girlfriend from Manda spends her days reading fantastic articles.This one day will catch the eye of some crazy leader who gets a group of demons to kidnap him on motorcycles. The red, splendidly-armed and adapted Ake does not stop to return to anythingand leaves a bloody, brutal body.

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