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There may be several reasons why you would like to monitor your home or business with the help of your computer. If personal or professional use of this free IP Camera viewer is an interesting way to consider. It offers several features and many of the same options that the paid version gives. Protecting a single click monitoring Capabilitiesas more than 2000 models of IP cameras are supported the options are high so you do not encounter any integration issues. Up to four devices can be adjusted simultaneously to the advantages of homes and offices. Video attributes such as frame rate and resolution can be controlled if there is even a pan and zoom feature. The data can be displayed in a floating window or in a window on the screen (Function () {(Review-app-Page-Desktop);}); Enhanced security enhancements features this Free IP Camera Viewer is equipped with advanced host features to use. You can listen to live audio from all online webcams. Other IP cameras can be identified and, if necessary, can be used to adjust the direction of the direct channel. When the connection is interrupted, it tries to update and reconnect automatically. Viewing angles up to 360 degrees can be obtained and multiple monitors can be viewed simultaneously.

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