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The classic Microsoft browser lets you browse the web by setting up various options (security, privacy, ease of use).

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New security and privacy options

Internet Explorer 9 has a new look and there are several options that help you get closer to you;

With respect to privacy, the InPrivate feature (which allows you to navigate through anonymous access) is highly appreciatedand lets you open the edition without backing up your web pages or accepting a copy. Now you can customize your privacy options to choose the type of information you want to share with the website you have;

Security really looks improved Microsoft and Internet Explorer 9 now have new tools such as password protection and SmartScreen Filter (which can check the security certificatesite to avoid unwanted functionality).

Customize your web browser experience

Internet Explorer 9 is an option for Microsoft to integrate the bandwidth into the browser. You do not have to open a new window for each of the different pages you visit and create, the new feature is a fresh air breeze for Internet Explorer. However, this innovation has long been made (more time than competition).

Althoughthis is a browser that offers some of the more interesting options where you can customize language options to choose the version that is displayed for the website. Easily if you are traveling abroad or want to display pages in languages ​​other than your browser. You can also switch to the search engines, choose the ones you like and do not need to use Bing as the basis.

With regard to extensions,Internet Explorer 9 is still recovering and now offers more updates to personalize your browser. However, do not expect more extensions, Internet Explorer always displays your postponements in other browsers like Firefox. The New Expansion Center, however, offers a useful alternative to resource consumption review, so you can set effective growth levels to reduce your experience withsearch.

The browser always has a lot of work to do

There is no doubt that Microsoft has updated the copy for Internet Explorer 9 with privacy, security and growth. Special mention should be made of the center of the operation center, which, of course, is full of it;

Despite the efforts of developers, however, Internet Explorer 9 remains behind its main competitors. There is no time until Chrome, due to Firefox or Opera, the Microsoft browser is obviously toowide and too heavy to take real speed. Internet Explorer 9 is a suitable browser, but there is nothing at the top of the category.

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