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Icy Tower looks like a game that could have been done ten years ago, and even then, would not have seen particularly impressive. The game consists of the only search of the mind to get to the top of the tower where our friend is jumping on the ridges in.

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At a time when every computer game was released it seems to add more levels of detail and complexity to the world of gambling, it’s good to see that some developers are trying to get titles like Icy Tower, designed for a little ill conceived pleasure .

It may not sound like much and frankly, it’s not. The only controls you need to play Icy Tower are Left, Right and Jump. What makes this game fun is the speed of the game, crazy sound effects and confusion in ways that jump three stories at a time if you stay to get that perfect run! There are also a variety of frozen tower characters that you choose, download or even create yourself!

You collect points by hitting the clock to the top of each level of the icy tower and building jump combos. The result is a quick and enjoyable game that is always loaded and played for a minute or half an hour.

Icy Tower is an easy-to-pick platform game that is extremely addictive, despite its simplicity.

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