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It is not known in the United States Navy Seals team Master way rescue the Russian President who has been kidnapped by the rogue Prince.

Director: Donovan Marsh authors: Arne Schmidt (“Arne l. Schmidt”), Jamie Moss (drama)

Submarine, USS Tampa Bay, it disappeared in the Arctic at the same time as the Russian Submarine Aquila and class. Admiral John Fisk ads in Virginia-class Warship, USS Arkansas, recently promoted by the Orthodox Joe glass of the Commander to investigate. Meanwhile, a team of “Navy” has sent the authority of Lt. Bill Beaman discreet monitoring Russian navy base, but their job is harder quickly when Martinelli, crew new flexibility na DM, is rendered unconscious and When dropping the HALO. When they reached the naval base, identify protection of Dmitri Durov through revolution and take prisoner of the Russian President’s Zakar, and find quickly that Durov is going to release

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