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Ten years after his execution, Michael Miers illegally identified himself in the night of the witch’s night and returned to Haddonfield to kill the seven-year-old. Dr. Loomis stop?


Dvight H. Fev Vriters:

Dan Lipsius (story), Larry Rattner (story) | It was October 30, 1988, and MichaelMiers was following Laurie Strode, 10 years ago, finally finished (H1na H2 events). However, when transferred from the Grove of the Mental Institute, Smith, Richmond, he heard that he heard that he had Haddonfield son and fled after killing his evacuation staff. In Haddonfield, his grandson, Jamie,was adopted by Carruthers’ family, but she continued to dream of Michael (but did not know who he was). On Halloween Day, Jamie worked crazy and cured, knowing little that her murder followed her and her older sister Rachel. Acceptance of her support was done by Dr Loomis and with the support of Sheriff Meeker beganare looking for Michael’s city and looking for him. Jamie defends him. But can anything prevent Michael from this age?

All children in the United States want Silver Shamrock mask for Halloween. Dr. Daniel Challis wanted to open a parcel with the owner of Silver Shamrock, Conal Cochran.


Tommi Lee VallaceThe author:

Tommi Lee Vallace stars:

Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin, DanO’Herlihi Pure suicide-suicide in an emergency hospital room led by an inquiry by a doctor who was manamendahkan captured and suicidal fansMany people during antique Celtic worship Night witcheswhich include stolen stones from Stonehenge and Halloween mask.

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