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Lori Strod is facing his long-time enemy, Michael Myers, someone in his Toleta Famili run his assassination Halloween four decades ago.

As suggested by: David Gordon Greene Writers: Jeff Frali, Danny makdžit

On October 2018, 40 years after his assassination in Haddonfield, Korea was a real crime in the visit of Aaron and Dana Haynes Warren County, Sanatorium Smith, Michael Myers. In short, interviewed by Michael treated Dr. Samuel Loomis, Doctor Ranbir Sartejn, former student of her, before meeting Michael, hopes to have a little insight into his actions in the past before moving into the new building. Aaron was protecting Michael’s masks without any influence. In Illinois, Haddonfield, had Lori Strod lived a life of isolation, who left him twice, continues to strain the relationship with his family and become a alcoholic. Lori is prepared to fight Michael back to the power. The next night, Michael in the transport Collapses. Michael kills his father and son, who stumps into a bigger hit and run down the road and steals his car. The next day, Halloween, Michael again with his murder, killing several people at the gas station, including the official…

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