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geometric shooting ribbons scrolling adventure and high-octane amazing soundtrack. Fun and very popular game popularity is an epic colorful and exciting, jumping jump and even changing gravity. Inside genre of the rhythm based game has the most important musical instruments in achieving the end of each level. Gameplay management system IntensifMenggunakan in touch of the button to run their personal behavior through a sequence of obstacles in Shift speed speeds. Stick on and put in place when your jumps and flips toto focus on ambitious goals to reach the final level. Sun Dash geometry a lot of exercise mode selection, so you can improve your skills to open a list of all achievements. This game also allows players to build and create your own level, which may be tofautina played other (work () {(“Overview of desktop desktop applications”);}); SuaraGeometry Satisfied With Dash uses a lot of interesting soundtrack with high quality graphics tinggiwarna bright color speed reaction great work whichThey have to beat each other. The level produces great pleasure when finally achieving a 100% completion step.

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