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G-Mail is a cross-platform desktop with a Gmail client that gives you an easy way to access your Google Mail account, whether it’s turned on or requires Adobe Air (which is why it can work with swords and Linux), and it opens a simple window With a simplified Gmail interface. If it is first logged in it may take a while for the email to download to the Inbox, but it will be fast as a Gmail browser. The advantage of anything loaded on your hard drive means you can access your mailbox and write emails offline (sent as soon as you can get back online). (Function () {(Review-app-page-desktop ‘);}); There is absolutely no choice in Žestis that is shamed because attachments are not downloaded with messages, so you can’t access them offline. Even if it looks like a naked Gmail, it’s really disappointing because Adobe Air has given us some cooler looks on the desktop because of these last few months, and it would be nice if Gemail was a little simpler for a client with Gmail which is what you’re looking for , it’s nice because it doesn’t need any H it there is, however, a contest in the form of an offline Gmail Lab that gives you a fully synchronized Gmail work with Vanom, but is also too simplistic and needs more than a beta version.

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