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In the European bus simulator 2012 you drive through the fictional city of Freyfurt. This is a simulator and will comply with the laws, rest periods, ticket sales for passengers and on time. In addition to this 32-bit version, there is a 2012 European bus simulator availablefrom 64 bits, go to the bus depot, select the bus, and then see the controls. There is self-esteem that directs all controls and shortcuts. Freytuf has 450 stops on its streets, most of which are urban areas, with tasks like schoolrace. You can create custom routes in the integrated version (function () {(“check the desktop of the application page”);}); Driving is what you expected. Buses are big and bulky to drive and stay away from other traffic, always a matter of great concern.If you like to ride the bus, you can enjoy the European bus simulator of 2012, but, despite the best graphic representation, it is still a game that lacks its character. There is no reason that the simulator should be dry and contain a lot of dataabout tires in the European bus simulator 2012, configured when setting up the air conditioner, so this is a gift if you like this type of thing. The most informal bus Bus Bus Bus Simulator 2012 – the most unusual.

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