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If you want to go on European roads without resorting to a truck driver career, the best way to do this is to play a good truck racing game for the Lihalep truck simulator. Choose your country of departure and you are on your way.

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Travel on the roads of Europe

At the wheel of a truck, the main task is to provide from one city to another in response;
When you make money, you will tovisito Adealer buy trucks that are newer, more efficient, faster, and have a higher battery level.

Decent graphics

Euro Truck Simulator offers decentgraphics (no more, no less than), as well as goodmusic and sound effects. However, the Pretslow animation, much like the total tempo of the game.

Boring Rehearsal

The big problem with this modeling is that it repeats itself quickly. Perhaps it is to simulate a monotonous diesel roar and prevent the danger of falling asleep at the wheel?
The transport of illegal goods hunted by cops or driving traffic flows on the freeway would be quite impressive (just say).

Original, fun game

Original and high quality graphics/sound effects, the Euro Truck simulator does not really offer differernt with Otercar or motorbideraces games. Upmiles Restaurants is a moderate tarat (legal) impulse, but guaranteed to be Roroua boredom.

While the Euro Truck Simulator 2 is incredibly putting together, its success still seems to surprise players who have not experienced the joy of navigating its open roads. But while navigating highways and the European route has its allure to feel like a real truck driver you’ve hit in the US. This is what the SCS software is there to give, its latest title in the American truck simulator.

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It will be difficult to find the differences between the American Truck simulator and its predecessor in Europe. The game is basically unchanged: start with a freelance driver, earn money, buy your own car, and build your own shipping company.

But here perhaps more than any other franchise, the change is enough. There is a romance tour on the coast to shore in the United States listening to country music on Internet radio streaming. So while the games are made the physics and driving patterns remain intact, the idea of pulling the cargo along the entire length of the 66 road seems to be the unexplained different.

Or at least that’s because currently the American Truck Simulator offers only two states USAS 50 states: California and Nevada. Of course, these two powers have a remarkable mass of land and can take an hour to cross one side to the other-even the reduced amusement game in the world. Unfortunately, this does not prevent you from embarking on emblematic voyages.

It is back in the early days, although the SCS software will release more states than the downloadable content-which will somehow explain the American truck simulator for the budget price. Plus, there will certainly be a lot of mods in the community.

Difficulty explained

The world seems incredible, with theCEO of the game to roll around natural environments, suburban buildings, and cities all look and feel distinctly different. Driving around the day-glow in the streets of Las Vegas, the neon surrounds you and the streets are full. It’s unlike washed sand in Bakersfield where you have time to think about the open spaces around you.

Although the movement is less impressive, the truck is especially in their interior is well modeled. This will give you a good sense of grounding because you find yourself regularly looking around the cabin to get a better look at the mirrors and other testimonials.

If you choose to control Pad, keyboard, or wheel activity, the American Truck Simulator will guide you through the wizard to make sure you are ready before you leave. My advice, follow the options automatiquesAu least on the first one. You’ll have enough to do when you learn how to deal with the trailer, GPS, and other options.

The purchase of new trucks and the creation of a transport company is managed directly via the menu ahead and explained by a complete training. These add depths and focus on the action you can raise your empire and dominate in its economy. It is not mandatory if, so if you want to follow the freelance life gain from the best cargo travel experience more distances and enjoy the incredible driving experience calming-so you can.

Its long distances

The American Truck simulator continues with a series of fine lines and hits a fantastic budget price. For new players in the kind of transport interesting to mention that for a direct comparison, the latest issue of Euro Truck Simulator 2 All its DLC is much more game. But, the side size, the new rig has some magic for it-especially if you have an account of the music of your speakers.

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