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Chicken Invaders is a free shoot-em-up game that showcases a scenic and kapricious spin in the classic Space invaders. In this game you can take

command of a ship accused of defending the Earth from waves of intergalactic poultry in the peasant court. Avoiding eggs, blowing up chickens and collecting drums, you fight your way through unlimited play;

(Function () (“Review-application-page-desktop”);); How to Space invaders, but with chickens

There’s a lot on the Chicken invaders gameplay: This is a humorous reskin of classic shoot-em-ups, all the features that you can expect from this. As you progress, you’ll discover the gifts that will give you

Ship with a new, powerful weapon. Blow enough chickens and you’ll be rewarded with chopsticks. Collect Drumrolls you can win

A powerful projectile that will make you go through particularly difficult sections. Each level consists of ten waves; At the end of all ten waves, you fight with the boss, after which you will deform to the next level.

That’s all, roughly: It’s a traditional arcade-style game with no stories, characters or gameplay rides. Added bizarre targets for chickens not to lend all the odd things to the air;

Sometimes it’s easier to

Chicken Invaders is a very simple classic arcade game considering the bizarre metamorphosis of the end of the 90. It’s simple, but it’s always a surprisingly compelling fun and attractive way to get everything from small time here and


Chicken Invaders 5 is a crazy shooter where you take hordes of intergalactic chicken invaders is the only way to save our precious Earth! Thanks to intelligent graphics and impressive animations, the action shooting in space has never been fun. Get aboard a ship to eliminate Invaderschicken invaders 5 places in the cockpit of your spaceship, at a time when exotic chickens attack the Earth. The game is basically a high octane shooter with fun twist like a caricature. The actual action can become wonderfully intense as up to 200 chickens can be on screen at a time, just waiting to be eliminated. In addition to simply defending the planet, the player can travel to 12 unique star systems to fight intergalactic chicken waves. Cooperative mode allows up to 3 other players to help you sweep the attacker. There are other tasks to do, as well as a wide range of weapons and unlockable upgrades (Function () (“Preview-App-Page-Desktop”);}); Ntense Shooting Actionchicken Invaders 5 is a Trigger-Happy action game where shooting down wave after wave of feathery invaders is the goal. There are some epic bosses battling for the goal, and these are especially fun when you play with a friend or two. It is bright, furious and really very funny, with colorful graphics and a unique orchestral Soundtrack.

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