Casse Noisette et les Quatre Royaumes 2018 Angel movie download torrent

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A young girl was transported to the magical world of gingerbread soldiers and army mice.

Directors: Lassey Halström, Joe Johnston writers: Ashley Powell (History screen), Ashleigh Powell (writer)

All Clara wants is a key-a unique key that opens a window that has a priceless gift from her late mother. The golden thread was donated to her at the annual meeting of Godfather Drosselmeyer and led her to the desired key, which quickly disappears into a strange and mysterious parallel world. There, Clara meets a soldier named Filip, mice and reregent who work three empires: Snowflakes, Groundflowers and Candy country. Clara and Philip must encourage the ominous fourth kingdom, the tyrant’s mother, to get the key to Clara and hopefully restore harmony to the unstable world.

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