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By putting Johann Cobborg a great expert Bournonville, Sylphide is the ultimate romantic masterpiece. Holding on the ballet of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, Sylphide comes to the cinemas every Sunday, only on November 11. On the day of marriage, the young childrenScottish James wakes up with the kiss of terrestrial wing creatures, Sylphide. Surprisingly with her beauty, James threatens everyone to keep in touch with love. Sylphide is one of the world’s oldest ballet survivors,And the treasure of the ballet masterpiece Danielle is Bournonville style.

Must See Theatrical Events Bayadere arrives at the cinema from day to day, on Sunday, January 20, just having the enthusiasm to live the same day as a ballet of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.Dancer of the Niki temple and Solor Solor sent a sense of love, making the hot love and deception deceased when Raja and his daughters were dying Solor open nicks and forbidden love. La Bayadere is one of the great works of classical ballet- The story of love, death and vengeful court in Indyi.Yarkiya series and costumes, has one of the most iconic scenes in Ballet, Kingdom of Shadows, vysvitlyuyuttrahichnu The story of the dancer of the Temple Nikiyas condemned Solor lovers, and their last salvation.

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