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Singer Freddie Mercury, songwriter Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist John Diacon, sang in the world of music in the 1970s rock-and-roll band. Surrounded by the worst effects, Mercury decided to leave a few years later on his solo career. Shininga frontman who diagnosed AIDS in the 80’s, Live Aid returned to the band, which led the band.

Queen Bohemia, her music and her former singer Freddie Mercury, stereotypes a mixture of conventional defrauditu planet to celebrate one of the most beloved stepsanimator. converted. In this process, the band’s legacy is always in the center, As always, more and more musicians in the family, dreamers and music lovers continue to inspire these days.

The Queen’s legendary appearance in front of the Years of the Live ConcertAid “(1985).


Brian Singer Writers:

anthonyMcCarten (scene), Ermie McCartney (story) Bohemian Rhapsody, the Queen, her music and her former singer, are honored by Freddie Mercury. Freddy defeated stereotypes and conventional people to be one of the most famousslow down in the world. The film continues with its emotional songs and revolutionary sounds. They achieve unmatched success, but Freddie’s unexpected twist, surrounded by darker influences, requires a special queen for her solo career. Freddy had great cooperation with the Queen, and she wasconnects with members of the LiveSupport team. Despite the desire to consider the diagnosis of AIDS, Freddie is one of the biggest shows of band music. The queen is still foreign, drowsy and fortified the heritage inspired by music lovers.

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