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Balbokka is the engine Text-To-Speech free quality and flexibility that are eligible for paid, making this program emphasize your options. The use of text in the language usually produce language lessons at about the same quality level is sometimes wrong, and in other cases, it falls quite far from the label. However, what other programs are not available is the Welcome Balabolkas configuration options and a great option (functions (s) {(‘ Study-application-Desktop ‘);}); Balabolka allows you to save text as WAV, MP3, MP4, OGG or WMA. It can also read the contents of the Clipboard and see text from documents saved as files DOC, EPUB, FB2, HTML, ODT, PDF or RTF. It will automatically detect any voice voice you have installed on your computer and of course you can download more votes, free and paid, with S worth, taking your time to see all of the parameters of the Ballbolkas. Very useful for file management, but it allows you to share and modify the document. It also has time, so you can set it up to read before bedtime, for example, and fully controlled by hotkeys. There are a bunch of great options that will be interesting you will depend on what you want to use the quality of the Balbolka Balbokka production is very different, but you can have a great impact by choosing the voice to read carefully and customize the settings that relate to pause, speed, and words that are familiar with the most effective way. Although Balabolkas is not perfect, it is very good, and in many cases is as good, if not better than the same paid serious flexible and completely free text to support language formatting the following: TXT, FB2, DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTML, RTF

Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG

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