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Aviary Photo Editor is a simple and clear graphic editor for Windows 8. It does not have the low effects and modifications such as Photoshop or GIMP, but is intuitive enough for inexperienced users. Aviary Photo Editor is powerful for a free app and is a convenient, easy addition to your library.

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Aviary Photo Editor includes various pole functions that are included in most image programs. You can change the direction of onechange the image, harvest it or adjust the contrast and brightness. The Aviary Photo Editor has filters and effects to change the colors in a uniform way or to make the lighting. These filters can be used several times to further increase the intensity. Excessive use of Aviary Photo Editor filters makes images surreal or sinister.

There are rasterized images with a sticker option such as hats, add bands and arrows. But all these stickersare so blatant that they contrast every picture, regardless of filter. Aviary Photo Editor contains text and drawing tools, but the lack of suspension and limited color space usually produces incredible images.

Finally, Aviary Photo Editor has tools to remove red eyes, teeth to white and impurities. These tools have a rather large diameter, making it difficult to work on smaller images. Aviary Photo Editor is better for quick and easy tasksthen detailed projects.


The explanation of Aviary Photo Editors is unusual for a photo editor. The image you are editing is placed in the middle of the screen with the toolbar below. The most obvious omission is a lack of zoom or scrolling of an image. It makes it very difficult to edit small images correctly or paste detailed edits to larger ones. The drawing utility in Aviary Photo Editor has only six formats, with thesmallest size too large for most tasks.

The power of Aviary Photo Editor comes from other tools such as clipping and the sliders. The harvesting tools are divided into a three-to-three grid, making it easy to see what is picked up and cut. If you do not want to draw a surface, you can quickly set a preset selection size.

Brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness are all controlled by large sliders. If you use it, appearsthere is an example of the right adjustment. It is very easy to undo changes and undo changes that you are not satisfied with. You do not have to save images or to mention because each task is automatically saved.


The appearance of Aviary Photo Editors is similar to other Windows8 modern UI applications. Large rectangular symbols are presented before a dark gray background. If more changes are saved, appearsthis in a grid on the right. You can browse here to compare or find what you are looking for. The quality of the final photos depends on the original photo. Even without saving images, it gets into small compressed PNG files.


Aviary Photo Editor is a great editing tool for beginners who work fast. It lacks the detailed precision of other photo software, making it unsuitable for complex projects. If you only crop, adjust lowor change direction, and you want good compression, then Aviary Photo Editor is a handy app.

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